Masters in Social Work Online: Once you have gained degree in social work, you need to thoroughly understand the whole concept of the social work. Even before you pursue the degree in master of social work, you need to understand stuffs you will have to face in the work, including the possibility of problems and troubles. A social worker should help people dealing with daily problems in order to make their lives more enjoyable, easier, and also better. It is possible that a social worker will spend times with families with problematic issues, sick, or homeless people. It is also possible that the worker will be spending times dealing with students who have problems at school or in their personal lives. Not only the workers will have to know the issue or the core problems, they also have to find solutions as solutions. For example, if they encounter families with issues, the workers should find support group or parenting class. For students with issues, the workers can come up with disability experts or mentoring classes. It doesn’t mean that social worker with bachelor’s degree can’t find the perfect solution, but when they have masters in social work online degree, they have better chances and possibility in finding the best solution.